WTO Members Intensify Work to Ensure Full Implementation of the TFA

Pubdate:2018-11-15 10:29  Writer:admin  Source:ANDI

  At a May 2, 2018 meeting of the Committee on Trade Facilitation, World Trade Organization (WTO) members intensified work to ensure the full implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA).
  A total of 136 members, representing approximately 83% of the WTO membership, have completed their ratification process. Of the members that have ratified the TFA, 59.7% have begun implementing provisions.
  The status of implementation of the provisions whereby members have notified the WTO is broken down by:
  Developed countries 100%;
  Developing countries 58%;
  Least Developed Countries 21.2%.
  The TFA agreement allows developing and least developed countries to implement provisions on their own timetables, as communicated in notifications that reflect their respective capacities.
  The categories are as follows:
  Category A commitments will immediately apply the TFA provisions;
  Category B commitments may be implemented on the country’s own timetable;
  Category C commitments may require additional time and support in building capacity in order to implement.
  Among members that have ratified the TFA and for whom it has taken effect, only four members have not yet provided any notifications. The TFA went into force on February 22, 2017 when two-thirds of the 164 members of the WTO ratified the agreement.
  The WTO press release may be found here: